Explosive Breaching Door Safe Connector

Advancements In Explosive Entry Safety: Safe Connector

Explosive Entry has long been a critical tool in military and law enforcement operations. It provides an element of speed, violence, and control that makes it superior to other methods of breaching (such as mechanical breaching, ballistic breaching, chemical incapacitants, or riot control agents). While explosive entry is a superior tactical capability, it is a hotly debated issue.  Improperly used explosive entry can be dangerous for both operators and bystanders. For this reason, 21st Century Breaching Kit has recently partnered with military and law enforcement training centers to develop explosive entry support products that mitigate the dangers associated with explosive entry systems, making them quicker, simpler, and safer.

Safe Connector Explosive Breaching Kit
Safe Connector from 21st Century Breaching Kit

One such product is the Safe Connector: this is a unique product that eliminates the need for a “det chord loop” while also giving the operator the ability to ARM/DISARM in a single moment at any time.  By eliminating the “det chord loop,” the Safe Connector removes the need for 18” of det chord per charge, and focuses all the explosive effects of the blasting caps into the working area of the charge.  This reduces Net Explosive Weight (NEW) by more than 75 grains per charge and can reduce NEW by 43% to 60% for Internal Door Charges (IDCs) based upon the charge.  With recent studies proving the detrimental health effects of over-pressure, using the minimum NEW to breach the target has become a major focus for modern explosive breaching programs.

Explosive Breaching Door Safe Connector
21st Century Breaching Kit’s Safe Connector

Another unique function of the Safe Connector is that it allows the user to ARM/DISARM quickly and safely.  Traditional priming methods require the operator to carry explosive charges that are tied together from the moment of assembly.  The result is that transport of explosive charges is inherently unsafe and that there is a lack of modularity during operations. The Safe Connector solves these problems by utilizing a simple two-piece clip-in/clip-out priming method.  This allows operators to transport explosive charges with a managed interruption between initiator and primary charge, thereby creating a much safer transport environment for operators.  In terms of capability, the Safe Connector grants the operator a degree of adaptability in the field that previously did not exist.

Regarding modularity, for example, operators often have incomplete intelligence regarding entry targets.  The policy in this situation is to make a large enough charge to handle any type of target.  Once on the objective, the operator realizes that the charge is oversized for the target.  Traditionally, operators are forced to decide between attacking the target with an imperfect charge or discarding the charge and reassessing the situation.  However, when using the Safe Connector, the operator can simply replace the higher-explosive charge for a more suitable lower-explosive charge that can now be safely transported as a secondary/alternative explosive. Modularity allows unprecedented adaptability in the operational environment.  The clip-in/clip-out design allows operators to immediately substitute a more suitable charge into the system with no effect on mission tempo.

Explosive Breaching Safe Breaching
How The Safe Connector is assembled

Explosive Entry is a vitally important tool in the modern military and law enforcement landscapes.  However, this tool is also one of the most dangerous.  In order to mitigate the risk of explosive breaching while maximizing the reward, it is important that researchers continue to develop new products that make breaching safer and more efficient for the operators in the field.

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