Safe. Effective. Explosive Breaching.

21st Century Breaching Kit has taken advanced materials and aerospace designs to modernize explosive entry.  Our years in the field convinced us that current breaching systems must be improved.  Current breaching systems are effectively live bombs which makes them unsafe to handle, difficult to assemble, transport, and employ.  We develop modern capabilities like our unique safe connect system, resulting in more flexible systems that are safe, effective, reliable, and FAST.  Our systems save significant costs by reducing build times, lowering net explosive weight, and reducing opportunities for misfires and accidental discharges.  We call it the 21st Century Breaching Kit because it is literally bringing breaching technology into the 21st century.


First and foremost, 21st Century Breaching Kit’s biggest goal is to make the mission safer for our nation’s bravest.  That is why 21st Century Breaching Kit is redesigning the current state of breaching technology.  Reduced Net Explosive Weight (NEW).  Standardized build processes. “Right Way” Connections.  21CBK is the next generation in SAFE entry.
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Rapid Deployment

When it comes to dynamic entry, speed kills.  Every second counts when the mission—and lives—are on the line.  That’s why 21CBK was designed to be deployed much quicker than current breaching systems. Whether using the lightweight Instant StickTM or the hyper-efficient breaching revolver, every 21CBK product is designed for rapid deployment.
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Not only does 21st Century Breaching Kit replace the old firing system, it is also capable of working alongside it.  The veterans who designed 21CBK understand that sometimes you are forced to work with whatever is on hand, which is why 21st Century Breaching Kit is designed to be completely compatible with the legacy firing system.
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21st Century Breaching Kit reduces human error and decreases build-time by standardizing the materials used for the build process.  By making every connection a “Right Way” connection, 21CBK virtually eliminates the possibility of faulty assemblies.  Furthermore, every single 21CBK part and piece is designed to meet military safety qualifications and to maximize reliability.
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The 21st Century Breaching Kit is developed by a group of Veterans and Master Breachers with the goal of making safe, reliable breaching systems to improve the lives of soldiers and law enforcement.  We believe in using advanced materials and engineering experience to design and build systems that are:


Come join us the 21st Century!

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