Breaching Kit Rapid Door System 21st Century Breaching

Advancements In Explosive Entry Safety: Rapid Door System

21st Century Breaching Kit has recently partnered with military and law enforcement training centers to develop, test, and validate enhanced explosive entry support products that make explosive entry systems, lighter, quicker, simpler, and safer. Our last two blogs focused on new materials such as Bi-stable Reeled Composites (BRCs) and the Safe Connector which has the ability to eliminate the det-cord loop. These modern materials and support designs by themselves significantly improve the art of Explosive Entry. Combining the material advancements of BRCs with the reduced Net Explosive Weight (NEW) and the safety aspects of the Safe Connector gives Law Enforcement and Military users the best of both worlds and creates the needed edge to overcome a well-prepared adversary.

Breaching Kit Rapid Door System
Breaching Kit: Rapid Door System

The Rapid Door System (RDS) is the best explosive entry system on the market. This unique product increases portability, while greatly reducing both build time and deployment time. The RDS utilizes the same BRC as the Instant Stick as a backing and medium for the charge explosives. This lightweight and dynamic material allows users to fold, role, and/or bend the charge for easy storage or transport. When the charge is deployed, it extends into a rigid linear configuration easily and quickly. Integrated into the RDS is our patented pending Safe Connector. Direct priming with the Safe Connector eliminates the det-cord loop. This reduces the Net Explosive Weight by 75 gr per charge and ensures all the explosives are in the working area of the charge to include the explosive caps. The Rapid Door System comes fully assembled ready for explosives. It is designed for one to five lines of 50 gr det-cord or a 1inch wide strip of sheet explosives up to C4  which can be inserted into the charge in just minutes. This provides an increased level of standardization over traditional charges. 

Rapid Door System Explosive Breaching

Fully deployed, the Rapid Door System is 80 inches long and 1.25 inches wide, it can be folded or rolled into compact shapes as small as 6 inches by 6 inches by 1.25 inches for transport. This is significant due to the charge’s ability to become completely rigid when extended. Operators can now carry multiple charges without hindering their own mobility.  Once on target, the Rapid Door System can be immediately extended into its rigid linear shape, reducing deployment time and improving adhesion to the target. Traditional charges (such as those constructed with cardboard and duct tape) have flimsy explosive backings that require careful placement on the target. These can take up to a minute to deploy.  However, because the Rapid Door System is lightweight and possesses a rigid backing when extended, it can be adhered to the target in less than 10 seconds – this greatly increases operator safety by reducing their time in a vulnerable position.

Explosive Entry is a vitally important tool in the modern military and law enforcement landscapes. However, this tool is also one of the most dangerous. In order to mitigate the risk of explosive breaching while maximizing the reward, it is important that researchers continue to develop new products that make breaching safer and more efficient for the operators in the field. 

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Breaching Kit Rapid Door System 21st Century Breaching
21st Century Breaching Kit’s Rapid Door System