Rapid Door Systems

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The 21st Century Breaching Kit™ “Rapid Door System” is pre-built linear door charge (comes without explosives). The system comes with an 80-inch Linear frame, a Safe Connector, and pre-placed adhesive. Adding explosives is quick and easy; the system is designed to effortlessly accept a variety of explosives - for example - from one to five lines of detonation cord or up to 1-inch by 80-inch strip of sheet explosives. The system can be easily folded or rolled after applying explosives. It is made from bi-stable composite tape and is self-deploying and self-supporting. This system supports long term storage, improved foot and vehicle transport, and significantly decreases deployment times. Once deployed they form perfect rigid charges and are self-supporting; just peel the adhesive covering and stick. The system is designed for very low to no fragmentation.


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