21st Century Breaching Kit is a revolution in breaching systems: more reliable, more efficient, more lightweight, more compact, quicker, and—most importantly—SAFER.  Current breaching systems are reliant on 1980s technology and non-standardized assemblies.  When replaced by the 21st Century Breaching Kit, military and law enforcement have a more modern, more reliable product with standardized building procedures.

Current System

21st Century Breaching System The System1 1

Current System – Assembly

Current breaching kits are improvised and built from scavenged materials.  The build process is performed with non-standardized parts, increasing the likelihood of human error.

Current breaching kits are live from the moment of assembly, meaning that a mistake could result in a premature detonation.

21st Century Breaching Kit

21st Century Breaching System The System1 2

21st Century Breaching Kit – Assembly

The 21st Century Breaching Kit is composed of entirely standardized pieces.  The build process is simplified by making every connection a “right way” connection.

21st Century Breaching Kits are designed so that they do not need to be primed until the last point of concealment before employment.

Current System – Transport

Current breaching kits can be detonated during transport.  With connections that are live from assembly to deployment, any mistake could mean a premature detonation that costs both the mission and personnel.

Current Breaching Kits are bulky and unwieldy, resulting in limited breacher mobility.

21st Century Breaching Kit – Transport

21st Century Breaching Kits do not need to be primed until at the last concealed cover before deployment.  Therefore, breachers do not need to worry about carrying around a live charge with them.

21st Century Breaching Kit is lightweight and compact. Breaching systems have never been this portable.

Current System – Employment

Current breaching kits are slower to deploy once breachers reach their target.

Current breaching kits are difficult to redeploy in the case of a misfire.

21st Century Breaching Kit – Employment

21st Century Breaching Kits take as little as 4 seconds to deploy once breachers reach their target.

21st Century Breaching Kits can be redeployed in seconds following a misfire.