Current System

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Current System – Assembly

Legacy breaching kits are typically comprised of initiating devices and construction tools.  The assembly of charges is performed with non-standardized parts, resulting in inconsistent outcomes.

Detcords loops combine a high explosive with a detonator and form an individual live charge.  The creation of detcord loops significantly increases the risk to users, teams, and missions.  The vast majority of misfires and negligent fires are associated with the detcord loops.

21st Century Breaching Kit

21st Century Breaching System The System1 2

21st Century Breaching Kit – Assembly

The 21st Century Breaching Kit is composed of entirely standardized pieces.  21st Century Breaching Kit charges come pre-assembled – just add explosives.  The assembly process is simplified and standardized.  The various 21st Century Breaching Kit systems are connected via “right way” connections.

21st Century Breaching Kit systems eliminate the detcord loop, thus making the systems inherently SAFER.

Current System – Transport

Systems built with detcord loops are dangerous to transport.  Traditional hand-made charges require specialized handling. Even the best trained personnel and the best planned missions are vulnerable to the uncertainty of tactical situations.  Inadvertent detonations create catastrophic results to both mission and personnel.

Current hand-made charges are bulky and unwieldy, resulting in limited user mobility and create mission restrictions.

21st Century Breaching Kit – Transport

NO MORE DETCORD LOOP! 21st Century Breaching Kit systems decoupled modular designs allow for safe transport.  21st Century Breaching Kit systems inherently separate initiators from explosives up to the target without affecting tactics, techniques, and procedures, thus improving SAFETY during transport.

21st Century Breaching Kit systems are lightweight and compact for enhanced portability and mission flexibility.

Current System – Employment

Current hand-made frame and linear charges can be cumbersome to deploy.  They often require critical assembly before use.  Additionally, systems typically require excessive adhesives and supporting elements (such as sticks, two by fours, etc.) for proper contact between the explosives and the target.

Traditional firing devices must be attached to a single explosive charge.  Therefore, multiple charges require multiple recoverable firing devices.  Additionally, traditional individual firing devices are difficult to rearm in the case of a misfire.

21st Century Breaching Kit – Employment

21st Century Breaching Kit systems take seconds to deploy once users reach their target.  Our self- supporting frameworks require minimal adhesive and supporting elements. Our systems have right-way connectors that allow users to quickly arm and disarm charges at their discretion, whether that is at the last cover and concealed or on the target.

21st Century Breaching Kit systems ONLY NEED A SINGLE FIRING DEVICE, which can be connected to multiple explosive charges in rapid succession.  Additionally, our systems can be re-fired immediately following a misfire.