River Front Services is the developer of the 21st Century Breaching Kit

River Front Services Inc.

River Front Services Inc is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). River Front is also a well-qualified, high-technology company with a broad range of experience in systems integration, systems architecture, specialty software, computer architecture design, systems engineering, cyber analytics, and network operations and implementation. River Front Services also has on staff both military and engineering experts who specialize in developing useful military technologies.

21st Century Breaching Kit

21st Century Breaching Kit systems are developed by Service Disabled Veterans and Master Breachers.  Their specialized experience in Close Quarters Combat and Hostage Rescue has given them unique knowledge and expertise.  SAFE. EFFECTIVE. RELIABLE. FAST. That’s why 21st Century Breaching Kit systems are specifically designed to propel and transport current breaching systems into the 21st Century.

Our Master Breacher and Lead Designer

Tony Tony “Gramps” Brown is 21st Century Breaching’s Master Instructor and Master Breacher.  He is a certified military instructor in Close Quarters Battle (CQB)  and Methods of Entry.  He was the lead military instructor at Special Operations Training Group in Camp Lejeune, NC from  1996 to 2000. He instructed over 1500 Marines in basic and advance marksmanship with the M4 carbine, M1911 pistol, MP-5 submachinegun, and Methods of Entry (MOE)  using tools, explosives and shotguns.  After his retirement he was retained as a Military instructor to help establish  US Marine Special Operations School at Camp Lejeune NC.;  Instruction included Close Quarters Battle and Methods of Entry programs.  He wrote the instructional Modules for the Program of Instruction (POI)  for both CQB and MOE.  He has experience with all aspects of the CQB and MOE training process from program establishment , maintenance and sustainment.  He left the Special Operations school in 2015 to begin working on the designs and patents for 21st Century Breaching and its safer, more modular systems and techniques.  He served 21 years in the USMC in the elite USMC Long Range Reconnaissance units and was an original member of the USMC units trained in Hostage rescue.